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Illness Policy 

Parents are asked to help control the spread of illness among children at school by following these guidelines, based on those of the Oregon Department of Education. Policies related specifically to Covid-19 can be found here.

Children should not attend school when:

  • They have a temperature over 100.4 or a sore, red throat. Please note that a forehead (temporal) scanner usually measures 1/2 -1 °F lower than an oral temperature.

  • They have had a fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea within the past 48 hours, unless seen and cleared by a licensed healthcare provider.

  • They have unexplained redness of one or both eyes and colored drainage from the eyes OR eye irritation accompanied by vision changes OR symptoms such as eye irritation, pain, redness, swelling or excessive tear production that prevent active participation in usual school activities.  

  • They have a persistent cough that is not yet diagnosed and cleared by a licensed healthcare provider OR any acute (non-chronic) cough illness that is frequent or severe enough to interfere with participation in usual school activities.  

  • They have a new rash not previously diagnosed by a health care provider OR rash increasing in size OR new unexplained sores or wounds OR draining rash, sores, or wounds which cannot be completely covered with a bandage and clothing.

  • Parents do not want the child to play outside


A parent or guardian may be contacted if their child:

  • becomes increasingly ill during the day

  • sustains an injury

  • displays emotional distress and cannot be comforted in a reasonable amount of time


Covid-19 Protocols:

  • families are encouraged to test if they suspect they may have Covid

  • please check the CDC website for the latest recommendations regarding symptoms and isolation


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