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Parents' Code of Conduct

Congregational Preschool has a zero tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, ableism, etc. Parents will show respect for the diversity of culture, lifestyle and parenting choices of others in our preschool community. Parents can set a great example by encouraging and empowering others in their parenting by appreciating the efforts and challenges of others.


Parents will value educators’ efforts, skills and relationships with children by:


  • Keeping staff informed of family circumstances that may affect their child

  • Empathizing with the demands on educators and showing staff respect and courtesy

  • Discussing issues with relevant staff and director in private

  • Respecting CPS staff’s time while at and away from school

  • Utilizing our grievance policy when needed

Congregational families and teachers will respect all children in our programs and see them as the growing, learning individuals that they are. Parents can guide their own child’s behavior, but please leave behavior guidance of other children to their parents and educators unless there is an imminent risk of danger. If there are concerns about a child’s behavior and wellbeing they can be raised confidentially with a teacher, and serious concerns can be raised with the director.


If you have questions or concerns about anything you see or hear at CPS, please let us know so we can investigate and address it. Any defamatory or inaccurate comments regarding the preschool or any of the children/parents/staff will result in board review and/or being asked to leave the preschool. Any concerns you may have about the preschool must be made following our grievance policy. All parties will act in good faith to resolve issues.


We thank you for your continued support of all of the children in our care and for  showing respect for everyone at Congregational Preschool!

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