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Guidance Statement

We believe in positive methods of guidance. We establish consistent, developmentally-appropriate limits to help children function successfully in preschool and at home. Our programs are designed to help children develop independence and responsibility. We desire to strengthen each child’s own self-worth and cultural identity, while instilling a respect for all others.


The foundation of our philosophical goals is to develop a child’s positive self-image. Children must feel good about themselves for any real learning to take place. They must feel like a valued member of the group, self confident, capable, and loved. 


A big factor in the development of a child’s self-image is how he/she/they are allowed to use their environment. We seek to provide the child with many choices and opportunities to make their own decisions during the day. All of this provides children with opportunities to grow in independence and in making choices with confidence and skill.


Adults respond quickly and appropriately to children’s needs, desires, and messages and adapt their responses to children’s styles and abilities. Appropriate responses from teachers may vary with the age and development of the child. We recognize and understand that individuals have unique personalities and there is a wide spectrum of development and behavior in young children. When an inappropriate behavior (unsafe for self or others, or unfriendly) takes place the teacher may respond by redirecting, using natural consequences, or by using planned ignoring techniques. We do not use “time outs” as a consequence for negative behavior. Instead, children are offered time and a calming space to regain control of their bodies and can rejoin the group when ready.


The role of the teacher is to encourage pro-social behaviors among children, such as; cooperation, talking together to resolve problems, and taking turns. The teacher fosters this behavior through modeling, coaching, and encouragement. Our goal is to provide children with positive social skills. 


Congregational Preschool reserves the right to dismiss a child from our program. This may happen if staff determines that the program cannot meet the needs of the child, if the child is a physical threat to him/herself or others, or if the child’s behavior consistently impedes the normal daily functions of the group.

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