Snack Suggestions

Parents at CPS provide snack for their child’s class on a rotating basis.  Here is some information to make the process a little easier.

CPS suggests that parents bring nutritious, low-sugar, NUT FREE snacks that include the following:
    1.    A starch (commercially prepared and nut free)

    2.    A fruit or vegetable

    3.     A protein source (yogurt, cheese, hummus, tofu spread, cream cheese)

    4.    Water (1/2 gallon either plain or sparkling)

Here are some snack items for you to mix and match. Please also pay attention to other posted food allergies in your particular classroom.  The suggested amounts are for the following class sizes: 2s classes -10 children and 2 adults, 3s and 4s classes - 17 children and 2 teachers.

Starch (whole grains please)                        
Pretzels (1 med. bag)                
Crackers (1 lb. box – see below for hints about nut-free choices)        
Dinner Rolls (20)
Rice Cakes (2 bags)
Pirate’s Booty

Bagels (1 dozen)                    
Cheese (1 slice/stick per snacker)
Yogurt (1 small serving per snacker)
Hummus, Tofu Spread, or Cream Cheese ( 1 Med container) 
Sunflower butter or other nut free butter

Fruit and Vegetables (Organic if possible)
Bananas (5-6)                    
Mango (3-4)    
Apples (3-4)                        
Cucumbers (2-3)            
Pears (3-4)                        
Snap Peas/Snow Peas (3-4 per child)
Oranges (3-4)                    
Baby or Regular Carrots (1-2 bags)            
Baby Carrots (1 pkg.)                
Bell Peppers (3-4)
Grapes (1 lg. bunch)
Melon (1)
Berries (2 baskets)
Dried 100% fruit (2 cups)
Pitted Olives (2 cans)

**  We cannot serve popcorn to children 3 and under due to choking hazards
***  CPS provides cups and napkins
****  Teachers prepare snacks


Snacks to Avoid
Ritz Crackers
Nutter Butters
Any nut butters (soy, peanut, almond)
Trail Mix
Bakery Goods (unless you know they were NOT processed using shared equipment)

**  When deciding whether to buy snacks it is best to read the label to see whether it contains nuts or has been processed using shared equipment (meaning equipment that is also used to make products containing nuts)
***  Many foods from Trader Joe’s are made on shared equipment with nuts.  Please be extra careful about reading their labels.