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4s program

Our Four-year-old program is designed to help children develop their social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills in a warm atmosphere of caring and humor. We encourage children to seek new experiences, to face problems and attempt to solve them, to exhibit a strong desire to learn, and to express their thoughts and feelings.
In the classrooms, the children can expect to find activities to encourage pre- reading and writing skills, cooking, science, math, music, drama and social interaction. Parents can expect a program with flexibility to meet the changing needs and interests of their children.
A wide variety of materials and learning centers are available throughout the morning. Children choose from independent and teacher-directed activities. Although there is flexibility within the daily schedule, a general routine is followed that provides the children with a sense of consistency and security.
Parents take turns providing nutritious snacks and children enjoy helping with its preparation and serving.
Special features may include guest speakers, pets, or planning a party for parents. The emphasis throughout the year will be in providing a rich variety of experiences to encourage exploration, self-direction and problem solving.

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