Hello I am Mariah, and I am very excited to be teaching here at CPS. I have been working with kids doing nanny work since I was 15. I have always felt at ease understanding and interacting with children, often times more than with adults! While attending South Eugene High School I took child development classes and worked in their preschool for all four years. This really confirmed my love for young children and inspired me to learn as much as I can about how they develop.

Later at the University of Oregon I finished my undergrad in Early Childhood Foundations. During these four years I worked at Moss Street Children’s Center, where I gained so many skills, experiences and really learned how to develop deep relationships with kids and their families. After college I stayed at Moss street for three and a half more years, with some travels to Europe and Peru in between. 

 I am so excited for this new chapter at CPS! Feel free to reach out and get to know me, ask questions, or just spend time chatting about your lovely children.

Mariah Stevens
3s Teacher